There are many paths one can take in this journey of life. Many believe our spiritual journey begins at a certain point in life, after some sort of life changing event that makes us stand up and think.
Often times our journeys are composed of many twists and turns, and many times we are unaware of  how a decision we make will affect the rest of our life. 
My love of photography has lead to my own personal vision quest

Cruise ship off the coast of Barbados

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Restoring Faith in America

Retiring in 1994 from United Parcel Service where he became a member of the distinguished UPS Circle of Honor, whose nine thousand plus members have all attained over twenty-five years of safe accident free driving.

Gary has done everything but retire. After moving from his native state of Indiana to Sedona Arizona, and finally to Sarasota Florida, he started writing and studying native cultures, traveling to Egypt, Belize and Australia, and how the changes in our own American culture corresponded to the changes and collapse their native cultures..

The author of seven books, all published on Amazon.


He has seen the decline of a once great nation, to one that has become lost and struggling for a new identity. Just like some of the great cultures of the past, America has become a victim of it’s own success,  achieving much in the field of science and technology, but losing the spiritual foundation that once made it great.  We also run the risk of losing our culture and our way of life if we don’t once again return to the doctrines that made this great nation great.

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The aborigines describe a walkabout as a journey where male aborigines would undergo a rite of passage during which time they would spend six months in the outback surviving on the skills they had been taught.
Later in life, they would go on walkabout to clear their mind when they were confused about things, then they would talk it over with mates or themselves.
In a broader term, a walkabout also alludes to a lifelong journey in which we or they learn many lessons about nature and their creation.
In reality, we are all on walkabout from the time we are born until we pass into another
existence. Our learning never ends.

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