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UPS has the best accident free safe driving record of any trucking company in the United States, and the Indiana District had the best safe driving record in UPS. That particular night, eight of the top twelve seniority drivers who had acquired twenty-five years or more seniority from the Versailles center were present to receive an award for driving twenty-five or more  accident free years.

But it goes beyond that, The Indiana District was thought of by many in the company as the best district in the country in all areas of performance. When the center managers from Indiana  attended the management training school, they were held to a higher standard and often admired by managers from other states and districts because of the performance of the state in general. They were given the responsibility to continue and maintain the high standards of excellence the district had achieved.

Versailles Center was first or near the top in many areas other than safe driving. Their dedication to service, reliability, following up on problems, putting the customer first, following the dress codes and many other areas lead many to believe Versailles Center, located in rural southeastern Indiana as one of the finest centers in the company. 

​As I made the slow drive to Osgood, my mind began to question if what I was doing was sane. I had a comfortable job at Cummins Engine Company in nearby Columbus Indiana. This could have been a lifetime opportunity at a well-established company, everyone worked inside, the temperature was always a comfortable seventy-two degrees and even though there were occasion layoffs, once one acquired a few years of seniority, there was job security for life.

I was dissatisfied and no longer wanted to work inside, there was just too much of a world to be seen to be cooped up in a windowless building all day.

 Working the graveyard shift, I couldn’t envision doing that all my life, and I couldn't see myself working in a factory long term on day shift. I had determined the thing I liked most about my job at Cummins was driving back and forth to work, so it only made sense to make my living driving.

The Five Safe Driving Habits: Part 2

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​In 1919, they ventured beyond Seattle and changed the name to United Parcel Service. They then ventured into delivering goods from large department stores such as Macy's. The company had grown slowly until the 1950’s. When shopping malls in the suburbs became the norm, the major department stores in the downtown areas of the major cities began to decline. 

UPS Makes Every Effort To Make On Time Deliveries

A snowy day in the life of a UPS driver

The Fourth Tip For Safe Driving and Improving Your Life

UPS was founded in Seattle Washington in 1907. American Messenger Company was started by nineteen year old James Casey with $100 of borrowed money. His brother George and other teens served as messengers. In 1907  they began the company by delivering messages on bicycles,(no they weren’t brown).

The Five Safe Driving Habits and How They Allude To Living Life

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Applying Safe Driving Skills To Everyday Living