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The Twin Towers Of Good and Evil

America Is A Healthy Body

The Abyss of Masonry

The Battle of Brooklyn Heights

A New Culture Always Learns From the Past

Civil War Masonry

Truth in the Pleiadian World

Village of Spires; Oldenburg Indiana

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We Are Endowed by Our Creator With certain Inalienable Rights

The  Master's Designs on the Trestleboard

What is Common Sense?

Many times in our history, during our most trying times and conflicts, the cement of brotherly love and affection has surpassed the terrors of war and united men on the battlefield, many times saving lives and preventing injuries.
Through the changing times, masonry has stood fast, even though the name may have changed through time, the principles are the same, carried on through time immemorial.
Those steadfast principles have carried mankind through thick and thin, survived dictators, despots, and tyrants. Today more than ever we need those values to carry us through the hard times.
As the world changes and old ways are tossed out the window, we need to remember to hang on to what is near and dear to us, to cling to the universal truths that never change, even though society and customs do.
Times and customs regularly change, as they should. However, many ideas have stood the test of time and should never be discarded.

Morgan's Civil War Raid

Masonry or something like it has been in existence since the dawn of time.
Long before recorded history, even before the times of Sumeria and before men and women roamed the earth and beyond searching for truth, a form of masonry lead many to lead a more productive, happy, and honorable life.
Masonry today makes good men better by teaching morality, brotherly love, and truth, giving examples of leading a more righteous life by following God’s laws or the laws of Nature and Nature’s God, or as some would say seeking truth in the divine.
This truth can take many forms and many times it takes humans a lifetime of searching to conclude that all things evolve back to God, their Creator.

What Do Masons Do?

The Birth of Moses In Egyptian  Lore

We Can Only Determine Where We Are Going By Finding from Whence We Came.

Village of Spires Oldenburg Indiana

Albert Pike: Harmony

photo of shriner walking up the steps with child

Masonry's Role In the 21st Century

Agreeable To Ancient Custom: Lodge Meetings Should Be Held In the Early Morning

   The Dead Sea scrolls indicate there was a secret tradition that new members had to swear to never reveal. This secret document did exist in written form and was it the secret the Templars found in the basement of King Herod’s temple?
Many believe the essences buried secret scrolls in Herod’s temple shortly after the crucifixion of Christ, scrolls that revealed more about the life of
 Christ than we know today. What did these scrolls reveal?
Are they the reason for the continuing contention between the Catholic Churchandthemasonic order that has existed since medieval times and before?
The secrets of Christianity could be exposed. If new truths were found about the life of Christ, it would alter Christianity and the control the church exerts over the individual would change dramatically.
There is no influx of information that could destroy any other religion, including, Buddhism, the aborigines of Australia, or others because those beliefs are based on a deep spiritual understanding that developed over a long period of time. If one of their leaders suddenly disappeared or was found not true, the spiritual belief would continue, but without the resurrection of Christ, there is no foundation of Christianity.

Imhotep:The First Articifer of Stone