Probably the most famous high school basketball game of all time took place on March 20th, 1954. The Milan Indians, a small school, played the Muncie Central Bearcats, and won, setting the stage for the classic movie “Hoosiers”, filmed many years later.
This game was particularly important to us, Milan happened to be our neighboring school, and we knew many of the team players.
The preceding year, Milan, a school with an enrollment of about one hundred fifty, located a scant ten miles from my home had gone all the way to the Final Eight before being defeated. Most of the team members were juniors, which meant the following year they would be seniors. The only topic of conversation for a year was if they could win the "Big ONE"!

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Little did we know, the negative elements of society that were emerging would someday lead to the possible downfall of our country.
The baby boomer era ended in 1964, those born after that date were from a different time. And with the passing of 1964, the world began to change. The age of innocence transformed into a time of rebellion, drugs, and discontent. People didn't realize how good they had it. The world had opened up endless possibilities and most ignored it and began to only look at what was wrong with the world and what was in it for them.
With the prosperity that followed, we began to forget where we came from, and what had made us a great nation. In retrospect, we were victims of our own success.

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Grandpa mowing hay
Grandpa mowing hay

Indiana scenery

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Grandpa mowing hay

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Those were the days my friend, we thought they would never end.
It was a great time to grow up. The war babies and baby boomers were the recipients of a time brought to us courtesy of the “Greatest Generation”. Our parents had endured a depression, and a world war to set in place a time of prosperity never seen before in our history
We grew up in the land of bobby socks and blue jeans, rock and roll, blue suede shoes, white bucks and flat tops. We were all about hot cars, loud music and dancing the night away. It was a time of innocence, sex wasn’t passed out like cotton candy and drugs were unheard of. We did overindulge in alcohol, but our shenanigans were mild compared to what came in the decades to follow.